WeLearn: Managerial Accountability and Professional and Personal Integrity

May 13 – 24, 2024 Online No Fee

About this learning event

Accountability is crucial for both personal and professional development. It entails the responsibility to take accountability for your actions and being prepared to face the consequences, whether positive or negative. In this online course, we will support young leaders in gaining a better understanding of their roles as public sector managers. We will delve into the underlying principles and behaviors, addressing the changing nature of organizational cultures in theory and practice.

Discussions will evolve around implementing key behaviors associated with accountability, such as responsibility, obligation, autonomy, and authority. These concepts will be reinforced through thoughtful and strategic exercises throughout the course. Moreover, this online course will highlight the importance of professional and personal integrity, emphasizing ethical behavior and commitment to moral and ethical principles and values, such as honesty, honor, dependability, and trustworthiness.

During this course you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of managerial accountability and ethical leadership.
  • Recognize your capabilities and implementing them in your work and relationships.
  • Acquire valuable insights from real-world experiences to drive continuous improvement.
  • Gain understanding on how to balance autonomy and accountability.
  • Develop practical strategies for fostering integrity in professional interactions.
  • Encourage alignment with social and moral standards within your profession.


Course Flow


The learning event will be delivered under the guidance of:

  • Natasha Ilijeva Acevska, CEF Senior Officer
  • Gentian Xhaxhiu, Programme Coordinator at the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA)
  • Jerneja Jug Jerše, Head of European Commission Representation in Slovenia
  • Milena Mihajlović, Programme Director at European Policy Centre (CEP)
  • Andrijana Bergant, TEDx speaker, Business ethics and compliance leader and trainer, Management consultant
  • Daniela Bervar Kotolenko, Leadership & Soft skills trainer, coach, workshop facilitator, entrepreneur. Best of SLO 2024 Business Keynote Speaker finalist.
  • Pilar Sáenz de Ormijana, SIGMA Senior Policy Advisor
  • Vesna Korović, Head of Division for Risk and Irregularity Management in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Who should attend

This learning initiative has been designed for participants who are part of the WeLead project. 

Practical Information

The online course will be delivered through the CEF’s Online Learning Campus. Webinars will be delivered via Zoom. Participants are expected to take an active part in this online course activities. The success of the online course is directly dependent on the participants’ active engagement in the discussions and group work. 


This event is delivered as part of the EU-funded multi-beneficiary project “EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans” (WeLead) implemented by the CEF.

Funded by the European Union