Jan 29, 2021

Ms. Pregl Shares Thoughts on Cooperation between CEF and Banka Slovenije

In CEF's 20 years journey, our partners have always been a treasured ally in carrying out our programs, as well as being a source of valuable feedback on our strategy and vision. For several years, Banka Slovenije has been supporting the implementation of the CEF Central Banking learning program. Their experts have been lecturing at the CEF learning initiatives and also participating there as learners. In our anniversary year, we are honored to talk to Ms. Sanja Pregl, also CEF Coordinator, to share some thoughts on ways our institutions have co-operated over the years.

Like the CEF, the Banka Slovenije is also celebrating its anniversary this year. What would you describe as the bank's biggest milestones in the 30 years since it was established?

Institutionally, I firstly consider the introduction of the Slovenian tolar, and secondly the introduction of the euro as our bank's biggest milestones.

Since there are always people behind every thought, action, and achievement, I also see the change of mindset of our employees as a major milestone. When joining the European System of Central Banks, our staff recognized the benefit of collaborating with colleagues from across Europe. Joint goals in general meant more work but at the same time more opportunities for personal and professional growth. Central bankers became even more curious and eager for new knowledge and novel ways of learning, working, and collaborating. When entering a new »family«, we become more open and willing to change. And with these changes in people, the organization was able to grow. Transferring into an open-minded institution is our big success.

Your institution and the CEF have a long history of cooperation. What would you say binds us together, what similarities do you see?

Once again, I have to stress the importance of people in our institutions. Besides the similar theme and content that both operate in, which is definitely a combining factor and following the latest world trends, it is the people who are the heart of both organizations. The staff at the CEF and the Banka Slovenije (BS) is highly professional and directed towards achieving the best possible ways of operating. We are set on achieving constant progress at the professional as well as personal level. As a smaller organization, the CEF can take full advantage of having small, more flexible teams. With the way they operate, they set an example in the way people work, learn and develop at the BS, while the bank’s professionalism and the specialization provides specific knowledge, which contributes to excellent cooperation. To sum it up, the similarities and magnetism between the CEF and the BS lie in their people and knowledge as well as curiosity, professionalism, and operating for the benefit of the general public.

You have attended many of our courses, both as a participant and as an expert. Can you share with us one or two of your most memorable moments from the classroom?

The most memorable moments are those that bring a sparkle to the eye. When people begin to relax, let their walls down and allow themselves to open the door to curiosity, new knowledge and enlightenment. When they figure out that they hold a great deal of knowledge and information, which could be useful and valuable to share with others. When the whole group connects and starts looking for new opportunities and solutions. And when every individual surpasses their personal limits and inner obstacles. No matter the role they play, either as a participant or a lecturer, when they let go, magic ensues both at the individual and group level.

Consequently, also the institutions develop a better working environment, which helps make them more successful. Little sparks can light the fire of change – sometimes a little flame and other times a huge fire. In my experience, both as a listener and a lecturer, the CEF’s learning events are a great place for creating sparks.