Feb 12, 2021

Building Strong Partner Relationships from a Safe Distance

Current conditions did not discourage us to continue our yearly tradition of meeting our partners and friends to celebrate our alliances and accomplishments. Instead, inspired by the Swedish tradition of »fika« (also an informal opportunity to network with partners over a cup of coffee), we gathered online for a series of virtual meetings.

We gathered diplomats, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Banka Slovenije to share experiences on how we have coped with the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic and to reflect on the next steps ahead of our mutual commitment to the SEE region’s reform efforts.

These virtual meetings were also a great opportunity to share key milestones of our 20 years' journey and convey the story of the CEF’s transformation and growth as a regional knowledge hub – an institution that has developed the capacity to capture, package, and share knowledge and experience internally and with partners. On the occasion, CEF Director Jana Repanšek also shared our plans for the current year and gave an outlook on how we will continue making things happen until 2026.

As strong partnerships contribute to the success of our operations, we are using this opportunity to express also our appreciation for our partners' trust and support of our work.