Training of Trainers: Knowledge Sharing and Presentation Skills

About this learning event

The event is part of a wider CEF initiative to support capacity development of beneficiary institutions in their internal and external knowledge sharing as well as to become learning organizations. By this, we also aim to strengthen the visibility of regional expertise. The workshop is delivered in cooperation with the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye.

This training of trainers aims to empower individuals by strengthening their abilities to facilitate engaging learning and knowledge sharing activities in their respective teams and institutions. It is designed for a smaller group of participants who will learn about different learning theories, learning methods and tools, and how to design and facilitate dynamic and engaging learning sessions. They will improve listening and presentation skills by facilitating short knowledge sharing sessions, reflecting on their learning experience, and giving constructive feedback.

This event will include interactive activities, individual and group work that will help participants better understand learning dynamics and the importance of a safe learning environment. They will have a chance to apply gained knowledge and enhance peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. They will learn about different learning styles, practice powerful presentations and learn to give constructive feedback to improve their performance and performance of others.  

By the end of the event, the participants will:

  • better understand the principles of adult learning to enhance learning experience
  • learn strategies to motivate participants and maintain engagement (how to interact with the audience)
  • learn how to tailor the learning approach to different learning styles and preferences
  • know how to overcome stage fright
  • independently design and implement successful knowledge sharing session
  • be able to better present findings and conclusions in their work environment
  • gain insight into their own strengths and identify areas for further improvement
  • strengthen their network with peers and collaboration

Who should attend

The workshop is by invitation only and is intended for employees at central banks and financial supervisory authorities.

Experts that will or have already been engaged in the delivery of the CEF learning program will be given a priority to attend. In addition, experts that that are actively engaged of the CEF Banking Regulation and Supervision working group will also be invited to take part.

This learning initiative will be delivered in English and participants are expected to be fully engaged and active throughout the duration of the workshop.


Ajda Turk, CEF
Ajda leads CEF learning and knowledge ecosystems topic area. She holds a degree in adult education and is actively involved in the design and delivery of learning events that focus on knowledge management, learning organizations, and learning methodologies. She is passionate about transforming ideas into actions that bring good results and impact for individuals, teams, and institutions.

Matija Čarman, CEF
Matija is leading the central banking area at the CEF. As a strategic and thematic lead of the project designed for central banks and financial supervisory authorities, he is developing learning program and managing partner relations as well as designing and facilitating learning events. At the events, he is striving to establish an inclusive environment and interactive exchanges for best learning experience.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey