Monetary Policy Making and Financial Markets

We address monetary policy instruments for supporting effective monetary transmission mechanisms and ensuring financial market liquidity. We discuss monetary policy implementation procedures, especially in the context of the Eurosystem framework. In addition, our attention goes to financial market infrastructures as supporting elements for development of financial markets. We address payment and settlement systems and their compliance with the latest guidelines and standards to support efficient and safe financial intermediation. Having in mind rapid technological advancements and new emerging actors in financial markets, we focus on financial technologies (fintech, big tech), crypto assets, and (central bank) digital currencies. We provide opportunities to exchange practices on fostering financial inclusion and access to finance.

Topic lead

Matija Čarman

Specialist, Learning Program


2024 Highlights


In the area of monetary policy and financial markets, we will expand our offerings this year to include more opportunities focused on green finance and climate risks. We will cover some of the updates on climate change analysis and research while also discussing climate change and green transition into macroeconomic analysis. As part of the workshop on payment statistics, we will explore the compilation of data related to the usage of various payment services and instruments. We will also examine payments processed through major payment and settlement systems.

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