Apr 20, 2023

CEF and Kragelj Architects Win BigSEE Interior Design Award 2023

With the support of Kragelj Architects, we designed and unveiled a new lobby in 2021, that is both practical and engaging. Their design has recently earned recognition, being selected for the prestigious BigSEE Interior Design Award 2023.

To make significant strides in learning, it's imperative to foster a positive atmosphere. Over the years, we've taken measures to enhance our learning environment and give employees and visitors of our knowledge hub a comfortable place to meet and work. The aim of the renovation was to create an interactive and inclusive atmosphere where our team and guests can effortlessly engage in productive interactions. 

As underlined by CEF Director, Jana Repanšek, "This project came to fruition due to our deep understanding of the essential role that the environment plays in facilitating learning. We demonstrated our commitment to this belief by investing both our financial resources and time and energy. Moreover, we were fortunate to collaborate with a reliable and supportive partner who worked with us at every stage of the project."

We express our gratitude to the Kragelj team for their supportive collaboration in realizing our vision for a contemporary and practical design of the CEF learning area. We also extend our deep thanks and appreciation to Ivana Nedižavec Korada, CEF Deputy Director, and Cvetka Mozoli, CEF Workplace Culture Specialist, who initiated and lead the project and ensured effective communication of our requirements, resulting in a seamless execution of the project.

You are invited to take a virtual tour of our award-winning lobby.