May 4, 2021

CEF Contributes to Progress in the ERP Development in the Western Balkans and Turkey

We have been successfully supporting the European Union candidate and potential candidate countries in preparation of their Economic Reform Programmes (ERPs) through a three-year multi-beneficiary capacity development project Fiscal Implications of Structural Reforms (FISR) funded by the European Union.

Every year ERP cycle begins with the submission of the ERP documents to the European Commission (EC). These documents contain medium-term macroeconomic projections, budgetary plans for the next three years, and a structural reform agenda. We are extremely proud that ERP teams across the Western Balkans and Turkey have made substantial progress in implementing these recommendations. They apply to the economic policy priorities outlined in the policy guidance and were jointly agreed with the EC.

We are also thankful to the countries for recognizing our contribution to this success. Or as the North Macedonian ERP team put it: “We want to thank you for your contribution to our success. CEF as an institution and all your staff and experts that have been working with us during the FISR project has helped us a lot in making further progress in preparation and implementation of our ERP.”

We are looking forward to welcoming key regional officials from ERP and IPA programming teams at the 2022–2024 ERP Launch event on June 24-25, 2021. The regional meeting will be co-hosted by the EC and the CEF.