Feb 14, 2019

CEF Facilitates OECD SIGMA Teambuilding Initiative for Montenegrin State Audit Institution

The State Audit Institution (SAI) of Montenegro is actively pursuing further development of its capacities and efficiency under its Strategic Development Plan, 2018-22. With the support of OECD/SIGMA*, the SAI convened over 50 staff for a 1.5 day team-building event in Montenegro on February 7-8, 2019.

The aim of this event has been to embed a better understanding of the need to change working practices across the SAI for improving corporate efficiency and enhancing the impact with key external stakeholders; to identify areas and develop actionable plans for further improvement across key areas; to create a culture of openness in discussing new ways of working and to start to build collective ownership and engagement in implementing agreed improvement actions; and to contribute to building a team working culture.

Nihad Nakaš, CEF Senior Program Advisor facilitated the agenda setting, helped carrying out preparatory survey on challenges observed at the institution, pre-briefed with the event hosts, and moderated the delivery of the event. Team-building provided participants with the experience of working through several facilitation techniques including problem-solving exercise and world café format discussions about priority development areas for the Montenegrin SAI. Most importantly, the event provided an opportunity for the SAI staff to reaffirm their joint commitment and ownership over the institution’s strategic goals.

The CEF involvement in the event is a part of our broader effort to support capacity building of external and internal auditors in the public sector of Montenegro as vital links in the countries’ accountability system. More details about the CEF projects and activities in the thematic area of auditing are available here.

*SIGMA is a joint initiative of the OECD and the EU, principally financed by the EU.