Jun 26, 2019

CEF Learning Events Generate New and Useful Ideas

From the earliest moments in our childhood, we learn through experience. This is the case also in our professional lives and below reflection by Branko Krvavac - who works as an independent advisor at the Directorate for Economic Policy and Development at the Montenegrin Ministry of finance – reconfirm the importance of peer learning that is rooted in experience sharing.

"I attended the CEF workshop on Revenue Forecasting on January 29–31 this year, which inspired me to adopt an interactive approach and to take part in all of the conversations, exchanging experiences about different kind of practices conducted in various countries. The working sessions and presentations were very useful, especially because of the new ideas that I can now easily implement in my everyday work.

Gonzalo Caprirolo, Erik Kranendonk, and Agustin Redonda, as well as all the other CEF facilitators, illustrated the steps relevant in specific work experience during the forecasting revenue development process. The sessions included plenty of desirable and useful practical work. The exercises and tasks were well designed, and it was a pleasure to do group work on different exercises.

Bearing in mind that in my country I am a member of multiple working groups that are dealing with highly relevant analytical topics and topics of relevance to fiscal sustainability and stability, my knowledge was strengthened especially thanks to the group tasks related to Forecasting PIT and CIT Revenues and Forecasting VAT Revenues.

I would like to emphasize that this year Montenegro is, for the first time, in the process of preparing a Tax Expenditures analysis, which is why this workshop was extremely useful, in particular the presentations related to this topic as well as good practices of other countries, which will help us define the methodology and concept of our Tax Expenditures report.

Every time I come back home from the CEF, I am boosted with positive energy and full of ideas which I am planning to implement in my present and future work, and I am also richer in terms of new friendships and many useful experiences from all the other participants. It is always important to hear how colleagues from other countries are dealing with common issues and what tools they are using to overcome difficulties that occur from time to time.

As someone who often visits the CEF and participates in workshops and training courses every year, I can only say that I will keep on coming to the CEF and I will always recommend it as a very good place to come and learn."