Apr 10, 2017

CEF’s Visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

On April 4–7, 2017, the CEF paid a visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus concluding a set of coaching sessions for the countries participating in the “Strengthening Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries” project.

The CEF representatives presented the project goals and activities to the employees of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, BIH and Federal Ministry of Finance, and both state levels` line ministries. The participants demonstrated their need for the project and acknowledged the CEFs proficiency in assisting the PFM officials in their professional development.

The SAFE project that focuses on strengthening coordination and financial capacities of line ministries is supported by the SAFE* trust fund. The project beneficiaries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. The Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands contributes Dutch expertise and provides complementary financial support to engage officials from Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine to share their experience and good practice.

With this project, the CEF efficiently responds to the demand to support the learning needs of line ministries in developing their economic reform programs, in particular with respect to the fiscal implications of structural reforms.

Joint learning and networking between finance officials from various ministries gives – often for the first time – opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience among different government actors and sectors. The program has been designed to overcome the unmerited gap between the efforts invested in public financial management capacity development of finance ministries and those invested in line ministries. It dedicates the deserved learning support to the latter.