Dec 11, 2018

Continuous Learning for a Performance Auditor is Vital

Fexhrie Thaqi from the National Audit Office of Kosovo has been working as a performance auditor for seven years. In her view for a performance auditor to be able to ensure that resources for running government programs and projects are being acquired economically and utilized efficiently and effectively, he needs to continuously think of also his own professional development as today in the environment of a constant change the only competency that matters is continuous learning. Recently she joined us at the blended learning initiative on performance auditing where she was hoping to further develop her knowledge and skills in conducting performance audits learning from the experience and good practices of other course fellows. Here are some of the reflections she shares as an afterthought on the proceedings of the blended learning journey:

“The training provided for performance audit was an added value to my daily work. Meeting people from different countries and hearing about different working systems was a great opportunity to grasp their experience in dealing with similar cases. When dealing with case studies we treated the topic based on our knowledge which led to productive discussion and good results.

Important part of the training was online training and the tasks given during this period. Analyzing specific cases helped me understand the approach of the audit methodology. The tasks given to review the papers of other group members added additional value to the course because it enabled us to understand another perspectives of the same topic.  

Training was carried out in the facilities of the CEF. We held discussions with other participants from different institutions and countries. The method of discussing within a multinational group was a great experience. Through discussion, others’ approaches to same topic provided us with more options and a better understanding of how a topic can be treated in different ways and achieve same objective, increasing accountability among responsible authorities. In regard to performance audit, this enables us to develop our creativity.

Being part of the multinational group with different working experiences of the participants and highly skilled trainers, getting their perspective through the presentation, understanding how they deal with similar issues in their work gave me the opportunity to reflect on our role. This helps me in my current position as a performance auditor and take account of all he topics we should treat in order to improve the life of citizens.

Getting a diploma from the CEF, considering the qualitative content of the program, will be an added value to my profession and the organization I work for.”