Jan 18, 2023

Discussing FISR2 Progress and Way Forward with Project's Steering Committee

To ensure learning and knowledge sharing activities within the “Structural Reforms Better Integrated within Fiscal Frameworks” (FISR2) project are tailored to the specific needs of EU candidates and potential candidates from the Western Balkans and Türkiye, we regularly consult these also with the project’s steering committee. Received feedback is used for the design and delivery of the FISR2 project activities. The steering committee also acts as a platform for strengthening cooperation among its members, Economic Reform Programme (ERP) Coordinators whereby they have an opportunity to share any dilemmas, trends, and ideas for improvement or ERP processes .

During our first meeting, we were happy to present to the national ERP coordinators and representatives from the European Commission the scope and objective of the FISR2 project. This multi-beneficiary capacity development project funded by the European Union, aims to strengthen the integration of structural reforms within fiscal frameworks in the ERPs. We also discussed the FISR2 learning plan for 2023 and possible ways of tailoring the activities to the specific needs of the project beneficiaries. 

At the next meeting, we first welcomed Ms. Verica Ignjatovic who on behalf of the Serbian ERP team shared their experience in the digitalization of the ERP preparation process. Ms. Ignjatovic presented the features of the new IT system for the preparation of the ERP document in Serbia. This presentation was an excellent introduction to a discussion that followed regarding plans, dilemmas, and options that other ERP teams are considering regarding the digitalization of their ERP processes. 

The FISR2 steering committee met on September 29 and on December 14, 2022. The next meeting is planned for April 2023.