Oct 21, 2020

Communication Ranks among Top 5 Skills Internal Auditors Should Have

Our recent online course addressed the importance of communication skills for auditors in developing and maintaining effective relationships with key stakeholders. Ms. Jelena Gavrilović works as a Senior Internal Auditor at the Serbian Ministry of Finance, and she regarded the course as a good opportunity to help her further develop and hone her own communication skills.

“I enjoyed participating in this online course where we learned about the prerequisites for clear and effective communication between internal auditors and different audiences that we work with. I found the comment from Mr. Reint Smit, one of the lecturers, who said, “Practicing is one of the steps to become aware of how your communication is going,” right to the point, summarizing exactly my thoughts. That is also why I considered this training as highly relevant to my work and wanted to take part in it.

Even though I did not have appropriate computer equipment, I was able to interact with the lecturers and other participants through a webinar chat function. The team dynamics worked very well even in an online environment. We engaged in effective group discussions and completed the requested assignments. This exchange of ideas and experiences with colleagues from other countries and sharing our expertise was an added value for me.

I also appreciate a lot learning from the lecturers’ experiences and their recommendations on shared practical conversation guidance for internal auditors. These will certainly contribute to improving my communication skills as an internal auditor. While the internal audit unit is organizationally and functionally independent in its work, it is accountable to the minister and submits its reports to the minister and the audited entity. In this regard, communication plays a vital role, and participation in a training where good and positive ideas and practices are exchanged always adds value to the organization and the quality of its work.

Lastly, I would like to thank the CEF team for this very interesting online course. It was really a nice experience! I learned a lot and hopefully, we will see each other again.”