Aug 17, 2018

Joining Forces with Montenegrin Ministry of Finance to Support PFM Reform

Montenegro is one of the CEF constituent countries. Its public officials regularly attend CEF learning initiatives. Certification trainings for public sector accountants and public sector auditors are also currently running in the country. Darko Radunović, Montenegrin Minister of Finance about the reasons for cooperation with the CEF.

''With Montenegro intensifying its efforts to advance progressively the reform of public finance management as a mean to consolidate public finances in the country, it is crucial to take timely institutional reforms in this regard. It is for the Ministry of Finance to take a leading role as the main actor in charge for designing and undertaking budgetary measures. In achieving these goals, we can think of no better partner than the CEF, which is considered a leader in offering professional programs based on the »problem-driven iterative adaptation« approach. We believe that joining forces with the CEF will help us achieve the main objective regarding the capacity building of our public administration.''