Oct 10, 2017

Meeting Tax Administrations and Ministries of Finance from SEE

Understanding regional challenges and responding to them, while focusing on country specifics in implementation of CEF learning program are the key success factors of our operations. For this reason we met the management, country coordinators and other colleagues from tax administrations, finance ministries and central banks from Romania, Moldova, Slovenia and Bulgaria on a number of in-country coaching sessions from April to September 2017 where we addressed the CEF Program, in particular Tax Policy and Administration Learning Program and Leadership for Managing Reforms. Meetings were part of the learning initiative Strengthening Finance Officials’ Management Skills.

During the in-country coaching we addressed promotion of regional knowledge and experience exchange, possibilities for collaboration, involvement of regional experts as lecturers in the implementation of 2018 learning program and discussed how to enhance communication with CEF and tax coordinators and other key liaison officers. In-country visits reconfirmed the commitment to involve officials closer into our program design and the implementation as it allows us to get a better picture of their actual needs.

We engaged the Directorate for the System of Tax, Customs and Other Public Finance Revenues of the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Administration of Slovenia, the State Tax Service and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, the Ministry of Finance of Romania and the National Bank of Romania and the National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria in reflection on the management and human resource development challenges they experience, the degree of authority and scope available for the needed changes, and how to strategically promote capacity development in their institutions.

The objective of the coaching sessions was to reflect on needs assessment efforts and update them, to identify opportunities to further develop learning program, to match it optimally to beneficiaries’ reform efforts and to seek opportunities to further strengthen regional cooperation. Such consultations and close communication with our constituency are at the very heart of the design of our learning program.



This learning initiative is primarily supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance, Slovenia