Nov 14, 2023

Montenegro's Strategic Retreat Strengthens Coordination for PAR and PFM Reforms

Recently we hosted a two-day strategic retreat aimed at fostering collaboration, team building, and goal alignment within the coordination structures for the Public Administration Reform (PAR) Strategy and Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform Program for the period 2022-2026 in Montenegro. Participants, including representatives from the Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro, engaged in discussions to assess the current state of strategy coordination, identify learning priorities, evaluate risks, and develop action plans.

The strategic retreat kicked off with a warm welcome from Jana Repanšek, CEF Director, and Yngve Engstrom, Head of Cooperation at the European Union Delegation to Montenegro. Mr. Engstrom emphasized the importance of investing in the capacities and skills of civil servants for long-term improvements. He highlighted the distinctive character of the CEF approach, which focuses on sustained enhancement in both people and processes. Ms. Repanšek further emphasized the collaborative nature of the project, highlighting its primary goal of strengthening connections and collaboration within and beyond coordination teams for more efficient monitoring and reporting of the two reform strategies. 

Notably, the CEF's involvement in the project is expected to bring added value. The organization will actively participate in developing the priorities of the coordination team, attentively addressing identified shortcomings and needs within the coordination structures. The emphasis will be on building upon existing good practices through the creation of learning journeys. This approach reflects a commitment to a holistic and sustainable strategy, aligning with the overarching goal of fostering lasting improvements in the coordination and implementation of reform initiatives in Montenegro.

As the two-day retreat concluded, participants voiced optimism and readiness for the tasks ahead, reflecting the success of the event in achieving its objectives. Participants expressed increased confidence in their teams, citing a better understanding of their colleagues, enhanced motivation, and a platform to share challenges and seek support. 

The event was delivered as part of the EU-funded “Support to Coordination, Monitoring and Reporting on PAR Strategy and PFM Reform Programme 2022-2026” project. It took place on November 9 – 10, 2023, in Budva, Montenegro.