Sep 8, 2020

Continuing the Tradition of Our Strong Partnership with Banka Slovenije

Our Central Banking learning program supports our constituency’s efforts in ensuring strong and credible institutions, a developed financial and economic environment, and a sound and resilient financial system. It comprehensively encompasses the environment of central banks, taking into account its stakeholders and is supported by the Banka Slovenije. Ms. Irena Vodopivec Jean, Vice Governor at the Bank of Slovenia, shares her view on cooperation between the two institutions.

At the Banka Slovenije, we value our strong partnership with the CEF, one of the leading learning institutions for public finance officials in South East Europe. We have recognized the CEF’s mission as our own, and this notion is at the heart of our cooperation. For several years, Bank of Slovenia has been supporting implementation of the CEF Central Banking learning program. We encourage our experts to lecture at the CEF workshops and also to participate there as learners.

The feedback from participants has continuously been favorable and taking on board this message, we extended our co-operation and contributed also to the development of the curricula related to data and analysis for designing policies.

We are impressed by the CEF’s ability to take an innovative approach in addressing learning needs and bridging knowledge gaps. We also recognize it as a platform for experience-sharing and timely high-level discussions. A much-appreciated example of this was last year’s high-level round table discussion in Chisinau where senior officials from central banks and ministries of finance discussed the importance of effective coordination between central banks and ministries of finance.