Mar 1, 2023

Professional Coaching: Driving Success for Economic Reform Programme Coordinators

As part of the EU-funded multi-beneficiary project “Structural Reforms Better Integrated Within Fiscal Frameworks” (FISR2), we offer to the Economic Reform Programme (ERP) Coordinators and their team members coaching sessions. These structured one-on-one sessions are an opportunity to reflect on their professional relations with other stakeholders and their ability to coordinate and manage them. We are happy to share some reflections by Amina Mulabdić from the Directorate for Economic Planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elson Caka from the Albanian Ministry of Finance, Jovan Borišić from the Public Policy Secretariat of the Republic of Serbia, and Bojana Bošković from the Montenegrin Ministry of Finance about the value of such professional development opportunities.

Ms. Mulabdić, Mr. Caka, Mr. Borišić and Ms. Boškovič all positively commented on the usefulness of providing them with coaching opportunities, which allowed for reflection that is in their view necessary for learning and professional growth. “I was definitely eager and excited about the coaching, and I have been very pleased with these sessions. Being a one-man-team, I sometimes struggle to understand the extent of my authority regarding the coordination of the ERP process, and I run the risk of losing the broader perspective of things, especially when I have to do everything by myself and have little time to devote to the coordination aspect,” commented Mr. Caka.

In the process, all four colleagues together with a professional certified coach defined goals and looked for alternative problem-solving approaches that would help them perform better in their personal and professional lives. “Together with my coach we very quickly came to an understanding of my aspirations in my career and on my personal journey. Our main focus was on finding balance and working toward mindfulness and serenity. We divided our session into six areas of interest and for each session, my coach provided me with the tools necessary to achieve my specific area goals as well as my overall goal. I have been using these tools ever since our sessions, and they have helped me in organizing work as well as my personal life,“ explained Ms. Mulabdić. 

Similarly, Ms. Bošković noted, “This was my first experience with this kind of professional training. I have to admit that I was nervous about it, since this area was totally unknown to me. I have discovered a whole new world through this cooperation, learning how to think about very known things in a different way. It also gave me a lot of positive energy and belief that my goals are reachable. Coaching brought me light and additional willingness to deal with public administration work.” 

These one-on-one structured sessions also helped them develop their personal communication and coordination skills, as they often need to strengthen their messages to support the changes and reforms that they advocate. “The coaching sessions helped me get to know myself better and improve my communication skills. I received a lot of useful information about the areas where I can still improve to achieve better results,” said Mr. Borišić.

Lastly, all of them expressed appreciation for the opportunity to participate in coaching, as this has helped them reinforce their strengths and identify areas for improvement. They are convinced that coaching has and will help them to be the best performers that they can be. Or as Ms. Mulabdić put it, “I will continue to use the tools that my coach gave me to come closer to the best version of myself.“