Name Type Year
Workshops & Seminars Calendar 2014 Program Catalog 2014
Workshops & Seminars Catalog 2014 Program Catalog 2014
Writing Strategic Documents Events 2014
2014–2020 Multiannual Financial Framework of the EU Events 2013
Accrual Accounting Events 2013
Agreement on Establishing the Center of Excellence in Finance Governance documents 2013
Annual Report 2013 Annual Report 2013
Audit of IPA Projects Events 2013
Auditors Role in Addressing Fraud and Corruption Events 2013
Budget Supervision by the European Union Events 2013
Building Fiscal Institutions to Meet Post Crisis Challenges Events 2013
Capital Budgeting Events 2013
CEF Quarterly Report January-March, 2013 Quarterly Report 2013
CEF Quaterly Report April-June, 2013 Quarterly Report 2013
CEF Quaterly Report July-September, 2013 Quarterly Report 2013
CEF Quaterly Report October-December, 2013 Quarterly Report 2013
Central Banking in the EU Convergence Context Events 2013
Financial Audit Events 2013
Information Technology Audit Events 2013
IPA Funds in EU Financial Framework 2014-2020 Events 2013
Latest Developments in Prudential Regulation and Supervision (Basel III and CRD IV) Events 2013
Market Value-Based Taxation of Real Property: Lessons from International Experience Events 2013
Medium Term Budgeting Events 2013
Modern Approaches to Tax Compliance Events 2013
Performance Auditing Events 2013
Policy Coordination in Promoting Financial Stability Events 2013
Powerful Presentations Events 2013
Preventing and Investigating Fraud Events 2013
Programme Budgeting, Evaluation and Spending Review Events 2013
Project Cycle Management May Events 2013