Name Type Year
Employing Compliance Risk Management in Tax Administrations Events 2014
Environmental Auditing Events 2014
Financial Audit Events 2014
Financial Reporting on General Government and its Sub-sectors Events 2014
Fiscal Impact Assessment of Structural Reforms Learning Resource 2014
Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Investigation Events 2014
Improving the Quality and Cost-Effectiveness of Public Sector Business Processes Events 2014
Integration of Structural Reforms into Fiscal Programming Events 2014
Internal Audit: Working Closely with Management to Maximize the Value Events 2014
Introducing International Standards in Internal Audit Events 2014
Introduction to Public Financial Management Events 2014
IPA Funds in EU Multiannual Financial Framework Events 2014
Is your Hairdresser Fraudulous?Risk Based Tax Auditing Events 2014
Macroeconomic Forecasting Events 2014
Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Events 2014
Managing Spending and Keeping the Budget on Track Events 2014
Market Value-Based Taxation of Real Property: Lessons from International Experience Events 2014
Medium Term Budgeting Events 2014
Performance Auditing Events 2014
Planning and Leading Organizational Change Events 2014
Policy Coordination in Promoting Financial Stability Events 2014
Program Budgeting, Evaluation and Spending Review Events 2014
Project Cycle Management Events 2014
Retail Payments Events 2014
Strengthening Management Skills Events 2014
Strengthening Supreme Audit Institutions Events 2014
14th Annual Meeting of the CEF Supervisory Board (Oct 10,2014) Governance documents 2014
The Management of Large Taxpayers together with an Irish Case Study Events 2014
Training of Trainers Events 2014
Wholesale Settlement Systems and Monetary Policy Framework Events 2014