Name Type Year
CEF Quarterly Report January-March, 2015 Quarterly Report 2015
CEF Quarterly Report July-September, 2015 Quarterly Report 2015
Combating Value Added Tax (VAT) Fraud Events 2015
Communicating Reforms Events 2015
Cost Accounting Events 2015
Cross-border Position Statistics Events 2015
Developing an Effective Taxpayer Audit Program Events 2015
E-learning Course on Budget Execution Events 2015
E-learning Course on Budget Formulation Events 2015
Enabling Fiscal Programming of Structural Reforms Events 2015
Financial Audit Events 2015
Illustration of Dialog on Economic Governance in the SEE Region Governance documents 2015
Information Technology Audit Events 2015
IPA II Events 2015
Latest Developments in Prudential Regulation and Supervision (Basel III and CRD IV) Events 2015
Learning at the CEF Program Catalog 2015
Market Value-Based Taxation of Real Property: Lessons from International Experience Events 2015
Modern approaches to tax compliance Events 2015
Performance Auditing Events 2015
Planning and Leading Organizational Change Events 2015
Planning and Leading Organizational Change Events 2015
Principles of Transfer Pricing, Methods and Recent Developments Events 2015
Program dogodka: Transparentnost prorańćuna Republike Slovenije Paper 2015
Recent Developments and Issues in Medium-Term Budgeting Events 2015
Retail Payments Events 2015
Setting up Risk Management Processes in Public Sector Organizations Events 2015
Statistical Sampling for Auditors Events 2015
Steps needed to implement accrual accounting according to IPSASs Events 2015
Strategic Planning and Budgeting Newspaper Program Catalog 2015
Strengthening Fiscal Institutions Events 2015