The importance of leadership in ERP and IPA processes

December 13, 2022 by Meltem Boztaş

The most effective Structural Reforms Better Integrated Within Fiscal Frameworks (FISR2) project activity that I have attended was the workshop on ERP and IPA Coordinators as Inspired Leaders, held on 27-29 September 2022. As ERP and IPA coordinators in Türkiye, (my colleagues Funda Bozkurt, Mehmet Arslan and myself) attended the event together.

The workshop focused on how to strengthen communication between ERP and IPA coordinators, linking IPA and the funding of structural reforms in the ERP, the mutual importance of both documents, how to be a good leader, and the importance of teamwork. The discussions were supported by examples of best practices and knowledge sharing.

I was especially impressed by two program activities. One was the presentation about inspiring team leaders by Mr. Drikus Kriek, Dean of IECD Faculty – IEDC Bled School of Management. In his presentation, he talked about leadership and exemplified it with the conductor who leads an instrumental music group. He invited a choir team to the stage to give us a mini concert and chose one participant to lead the choir. It was an excellent and practical activity, demonstrating leadership and teamwork. The other one was the presentation about career process describing the difficulties, achievements and experiences of the CEF Director Jana Repanšek.

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The ERP coordination process is very intense and extensive. It requires a good leader to collect, compile, monitor and evaluate contributions from line ministries. I learned from the workshop that every leader has a unique style. The important thing in this process is not to lose motivation and give up but to solve the difficulties.

Another important point is the link between ERP and IPA as highlighted in EU documents. IPA funds are an important source of finance for structural reforms in the ERP. At the same time, addressing ERP measures in the IPA projects assists the country's IPA fund acquisition process. Therefore, the link between these two documents should be strengthened, and I recognized that it is possible with the coordination of the two leaders.

The best thing about the event was that it gave us a good opportunity to strengthen our communication even though we have been in contact with the IPA coordinator also before. Furthermore, I had the chance to learn about the experiences of other countries. I would like to thank the CEF team for helping me gain new perspectives.

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