Jan 25, 2022

The Value of Learning New Perspectives on Auditing Governance

We talked to Ms. Aida Llolluni about her personal takeaways from attending the online course that addressed the crucial role internal auditing plays in supporting efficient and effective governance in public organizations. Ms. Llolluni works as Head of Internal Auditing Unit at the Ministry of Economy in Kosovo.

“In general, I very much appreciate training courses as an active method of learning in the specific field of auditing, especially when they are organized by an institution with long traditions, such as the CEF. I appreciate their selection of topics, as was also the case with the “Auditing Governance” training course, which helped me improve my knowledge of the governance function in the audit universe.

Throughout the online training activity, there was a positive atmosphere among the organizers and the participants, and we helped each other in our professional development. The presentation of the training materials and the study objectives were very clear, and I was able to achieve the expected professional results, which will make it much easier for me to plan and asses governance audits in the future.

Participation in this training course made me think differently about the things that are considered to be major challenges in internal controls. I learned that organizational governance leaders (senior management) have to assess themselves whether internal controls – the first two lines of control – are properly established, and whether they are appropriate and meet the objectives of the organization.

During the training, I also had the opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues from other countries, and learned how the three control lines function in their organizations. It was interesting to hear about their approaches to risk management and internal controls.

Being fully aware of the importance of online learning and the related challenges, I would like to express my gratitude for the continued support of the CEF in training the public officials of my country. Such cooperation makes us feel closer to international auditing practices.”