Jan 6, 2021

2021 - Remarkable Milestone for CEF Operations

2021 is a special year for the CEF as it is 20 years since its establishment on January 11, 2001. To mark the 20th anniversary of our successful operations, various events will take place throughout the year. We will continue supporting learning through our Online Learning Campus and when circumstances allowing, we are very much looking forward to welcome learners at our premises.

Our 2021 Learning and Knowledge Sharing Program includes 83 learning events and networking activities from the fields of public financial managementtax policy and administrationcentral banking, and cross-cutting areas of leadership for managing reforms and data and analysis for designing policies. We will be also providing a platform where you can review the latest thinking about economic growth in light of the Covid-19 economic crisis and in line with the green and digital agenda.

We are ready to start this new learning season with an online discussion on the importance of systematic knowledge sharing and organizational learning with human resource officials working at regional tax administrations. This will be followed by an online course addressing practical aspects of cyber risk management and supervision. We invite you to review new exciting learning opportunities around critical economic and leadership issues by following this link.

As you explore how you can get involved in learning with us to make accomplishing your tasks easier, we invite you also to enjoy the modern layout of our just redesigned website. The website’s user-friendly nature will allow you to navigate through the content and resources easier and faster. We also made sure it is optimized for viewing it on multiple devices (mobile and Android phones, iPad, etc.) and different browsers.