Applying Insights from Behavioral Science to Internal Audit

Jan 28, 2021 Online No Fee

About this learning event

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, public sector organizations are no exception in trying out innovative and creative approaches to increase the likelihood of successfully meeting the set business objectives, while also effectively managing risks and implementing appropriate controls. An example of such efforts is also a recent trend of applying insights from behavioral science to internal auditing. At the webinar, we will discuss how public sector internal auditors can use the insights from behavioral science to effectively manage the complexity of the relationships that they encounter in their work.

Understanding why people behave a certain way and what influences their decisions may help internal auditors to better understand their own findings. Analyzing and understanding behavior behind a certain finding can consequently help them proposing recommendations on controls that are aimed at changing this behavior. Applying this approach can be very effective and can importantly help internal auditors adding value to the organization.

What will you learn

This webinar will be the opportunity to discuss the connection between behavioral science and auditing. It will allow participants to learn about the opportunities to apply insights from behavioral science in audit and about a range of approaches internal auditors can use to apply behavioral knowledge into their work. Several positive examples will also be discussed and explored.

How you will benefit

This learning initiative will apply participatory learning design, combining short subject matter presentations with answer and question session built in to ensure active engagement.

By the end of the webinar participants will have:

  • Received insights on why understanding behavior matters and how it relates to the roles and responsibilities of an internal auditor
  • Discussed how to apply behavioral science in audit


This learning initiative will be delivered by: 

Marijke van Houwelingen, Audit Manager, Central Government Audit Service,  Ministry of Finance Netherlands.

Lech Marcinkowski, Senior Policy Advisor, OECD SIGMA.

Who should attend

This learning initiative has been designed for internal auditing professionals of ministries, agencies and other public-sector organizations in the SEE countries who are interested to learn how to apply new approaches in their work and gain new skills.

Practical information

This webinar is free to join. Please feel free to bring this webinar under the attention also to your colleagues who may find the discussion particularly timely and useful!

When: January  28, 2021, at 10:00 CET - the webinar session will open 20 minutes before the official start

Duration: 90 minutes

Where: From the convenience of your own computer at the CEF Online Learning Campus (


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Slovenia