Our Invisible Power – NBM Organisational Culture

Sep 13 – 15, 2023 Moldova No Fee

About this learning event

Organizational culture is a shared social dimension of an organization that differentiates it from others. It is usually defined by the collection of values, expectations, norms, and practices that guide and inform the actions and behaviors of all team members. It exists regardless of shedding light on it. Organizational culture can be observed in the ways people interact and communicate with each other, the levels of collaboration and inclusion, the prevailing leadership style, decision-making flow, meeting formats, as well as working space arrangements or rituals. 

By understanding it and defining its collective identity though, you can put the culture at the service of your strategy and sustainable success; you can use it as a mechanism of integration, engagement, and performance. Utilizing organizational culture as your unique identity influences the sense of purpose and belonging amongst employees and contributes to clarity about your standing in relation to stakeholders. It makes you stronger so within as without.

For the National Bank of Moldova, the main assets are the employees; therefore, consolidation of a strong organizational culture is a must. In 2023, NBM approved the Strategic Plan 2023-2025 and a set of 7 core organizational values, which are aligned with the bank's mission and vision. Implementation of the strategy is aligned with the consolidation of the organizational culture. The purpose of the workshop is to define the pathway for the accomplishment of this goal.

During this event, we will:

  • Build a shared understanding of the organizational culture
  • Explore the lessons learned from the survey about the organizational culture based on values
  • Discuss and express ideas about the "Ideal" NBM organizational culture
  • Develop the organizational culture strategy
  • Set the priorities and next steps for the implementation of the Strategy
  • Develop personal contribution and commitment to the realization of the strategy
  • Strengthen the skills and knowledge to promote the organizational strategy
  • Connect, co-create, and have fun

Who should attend

This event will be designed and delivered for the Head of Business Units (B-1) and Head of Divisions (B-2) of the National Bank of Moldova.


This workshop will be led and facilitated by:

  • Adrijana Strnad, CPF, Organisational development consultant, Leadership Trainer and Facilitator
  • Petra Založnik, CEF Leadership and Learning Ecosystems expert, Lead Facilitator
  • NBM HR development team


This event is delivered as part of the National Bank of Moldova–Institutional Transformation into a Learning Organization (NBM LearnOrgLab) project implemented by the CEF.

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