Advancing Digital Change through Public Financial Management

May 11, 2023 Prishtina, Kosovo No Fee

Hosted jointly by the CEF and CIPFA, this international conference will provide you with the opportunity to explore the roles of public financial management (PFM) professionals in public sector digital transformation, with a particular focus on issues and examples in South East Europe. 

By exploring recent case studies related to strategic planning, decision-making, implementation, and the impact of digital transformation projects in an interactive way, you will hear first-hand experiences of the process. With parallel sessions available throughout the day, you will be able to dive deep into the specifics of presented digitalization cases from various countries. 

Experts from across various PFM disciplines, including asset management, audit, and accounting, will facilitate discussions and share their views on the political, institutional, and cultural factors that are influencing the wider transformation in the region.

Together we will explore recent digital transformation case studies specific to: 

  • Strategic decision-making (planning, data, and evidence)
  • Implementation (changing processes and internal controls)
  • Impact (evaluation, accountability, and engagement with civil society)

Who should attend

This international conference targets public officials and experts engaged in the development and implementation new digital approaches in their work. More precisely, from CEF constituency countries, but also from countries facing similar challenges, our target audience includes:

  • Public sector accountants
  • Public sector internal auditors
  • Public officials engaged in public sector asset  management
  • Representatives of Supreme Audit Institutions
  • Risk managers
  • High level government officials
  • Strategic planners
  • Senior officials (policy makers) at the Ministry of finance and other line ministries
  • Head of service delivery


  • Sandro Fuchs, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
  • Jeton Beqiri,  IT Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Kosovo
  • Lulëzon Jagxhiu, IT Advisor to the Prime Minister of Kosovo
  • Ilia Mikhailov, Prozorro Sale, board member
  • Danijela Stepić, Ministry of Finance of Croatia


  • Cathal Long, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
  • Khalid Hamid, CIPFA International director
  • Gorana Roje, CEF associate fellow

CIPFA staff

  • Callahan Hager, International Policy Manager
  • Steve Watkins, Senior Lead – International Partnerships



This learning initiative was supported by:

Slovenia's Development Cooperation CIPFA