Oct 18, 2019

Knowing How to Share Knowledge Matters

Before our upcoming learning event Facilitation and Presentation Techniques for Financial Market Supervisors: Training-of-Trainers on November 26 – 28, 2019 which will help officials develop confidence and skills for delivering a dynamic, engaging and effective learning sessions and meetings, we are happy to share some reflections by Ms. Sabina Kukolj from Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the value and importance of such trainings. 

In the period of September 25–27, 2018 I attended the learning event “Training-of-Trainers for Tax Administrations” in Ljubljana. The learning event was delivered at the facilities of the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF).

Twenty-three participants from different countries learnt in three days about the basic theory of learning and preparing presentations. Being part of a multinational group with different working experiences of the participants and highly skilled trainers, getting their perspective through the presentation, and understanding how they deal with similar issues in their work were the most important values for me. We also learned about effective learning methods where, through games, participants are more motivated and interested in the training. Everybody likes to play and have fun, even more when you learn new skills at the same time. Moreover, everybody likes to win in the training and achieve the best result they can.

As an assignment for this workshop, we had to prepare an up to 15 minutes long presentation in English regarding our (future) work. We got extensive feedback and reflections on our performance. This proved to be a very good teaching method, because we all learned how our presentation and performance skills could be improved.

Thanks to Andre Booms from the Dutch Tax Administration and the CEF team, I benefited from the workshop in various ways. I filled gaps in my knowledge ­– gaps that I would not be aware of, if I had not participated in the event – and I am now able to prepare and execute a goal-directed and well-structured presentation, using the right methods and media, managing stage fright, and dealing with unexpected situations that may occur.

When I returned to work, I had to write a report on what I had learnt and prepare a presentation about my experience with the CEF learning initiative. Getting a diploma from the CEF, considering the qualitative content of the program, will be an added value to my profession and the organization I work for.

Last but not least, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in such an interesting international event and work with a highly professional team.