Meeting of the CEF Coordinators (by invitation)

Seminar: May 10 – 11, 2018ISkopje

Meeting of CEF Coordinators is a gathering of the representatives of ministries of finance, central banks and tax administrations from South East Europe involved in strategic capacity development of their staff and institutions. Its purpose is to reflect on training needs and priorities of the participating institutions and to strengthen their cooperation with the CEF and among the institutions.

Particular focus of the event will be on human resource strategies in support of reform processes and in cooperation with national and international partners. Special emphasis will be given on how to transform an institution into a learning institution — a knowledge hub. Knowledge hubs are institutions dedicated to capture, package and share knowledge with national and international partners in order to accelerate development.

We will start the meeting with a seminar on human resource management. We will also discuss constituent institution’s training needs, how the role of the CEF Coordinator contributes to the strategic capacity development of respective institution, and how to reinforce cooperation with the Coordinators to empower their strategic role in CEF governance.

The meeting will be participative and active involvement will be encouraged.


This learning initiative is supported by:

Ministry of Finance, Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation