Jun 12, 2018

TIAPS and PACT Learning Programs Create Value Holistically

Ms Milica Dakovic Tadic has made an important contribution to the successful running of both Training of Internal Auditors in the Public Sector (TIAPS) and Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) trainings in Montenegro.

CEF learning activities in Montenegro from 2012 until today have made a large contribution, not only by segments, but holistically. As a tutor leader during these years in the TIAPS Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting (TIAPS/PSAFR) and PACT Financial Accounting (PACT/FA) modules, I have had a pleasure to be part of this project, which was and still is a great experience.

First of all, it is a good opportunity for our public sector in Montenegro to have lectures in auditing and accounting on accrual basis, taking note of the International Accounting Standards and the International Standards on Auditing. I highlight this because our public accounting system is cash basis accounting, and international certification is a very important factor for improving this segment of our public sector.

Members of the TIAPS/PSAFR and PACT/FA modules are accountants and auditors from academia, banking sector, and private and public sectors with a high level of education and practical experience in these areas, and their enthusiastic tutors.

The books and other teaching materials, such as examination guidelines and grading methodology, are provided by Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), contribute additional value added in these projects.

We have very strong and clear procedures in place about the teaching methodology, exams and grading, and I think that is a new and important professional experience, because all of us can improve our daily work based on this methodology.

This educational process could help public sector accountants and auditors to improve their state of mind about the importance of accounting and audit information for all management levels, especially for those that make economic, political and management decisions.

To summarize this success story, I have to say that all the above aspects, which are very positive and important for the whole training process, were at the same time a huge challenge for me as a tutor. It took a lot of hard work to create a new education environment for public sector accountants and auditors, implement all the training activities successfully, and help candidates to understand the importance of continuing education in the accounting and auditing areas.

Last but not least, I had great pleasure working with colleagues from the Ministry of Finance in Montenegro, the CEF and CIPFA teams, and the HR Management Authority people.

I hope that projects like these will remain our practice also in the future.