Dec 22, 2021

Year in Review: Another Look at Our 2021 Highlights

2021 has been a landmark year for the CEF as we have been celebrating our 20th anniversary of successful operations. As the year approaches to its end, we would like to highlight some of our accomplishments:

  • This past year has been marked by the 20th anniversary of the CEF. We invite you to take a journey across 20 pictures that tell our story of transformation and growth as a regional knowledge hub by following this link.
  • In 2021 we made progress on a number of exciting projects such as the EU funded multi-country project “Strengthening Line Ministries’ Capacities to Assess Fiscal Implications of Structural Reforms” (FISR), internationally recognized professional qualification program for public sector accountants (PACT) in North Macedonia, and others.
  • Despite yet another challenging year we managed to fully deliver our program, be it with slight adjustments to Covid-19 circumstances. Some of our 2021 courses and webinars remain publicly available at our Online Learning Campus.
  • Our Governing Board confirmed our 2022-2026 CEF Strategic Direction on June 8, 2021 which includes the CEF narrative for the region in 2026 and refreshed mission and vision statements. Our vision is to inspire public officials, both individuals, and teams, to shape institutional governance that drives successful economies and fair societies. This vision puts forward an inspiration – for learning, governing, and advancement. It also maintains our work in serving as leaders in learning for public officials. Both of these two aspirations rest on the trust in people and their ability to shape governance. Our target audiences/institutions remain central banks, ministries of finance, tax administrations, line ministries, and other public organizations.
  • As part of our new strategic direction, we also revised our logo with a simple and powerful slogan: Connect. Learn. Act.
  • By passing additional three pillars of the EU Pillar Assessment, we have again demonstrated to be a trustworthy, reliable, and transparent organization, with proven internal procedures to manage EU funds.

We look forward to continue our strong partnership with institutions and inspiring leaders in South East Europe. We also invite you to plan your next learning opportunities on topics related to post-Covid-19 financial recovery, green financing, and digitalization with us. For details browse through our 2022 Learning and Knowledge Sharing Program.