Regional Networking for Structural Reforms (By Invitation Only)

Mar 3 – 5, 2020 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee
Feb 27, 2020 Leadership for Managing Reforms

This meeting will bring together selected key officials (experts) from Ministries of Finance, Line Ministries and ERP coordinators to (i) review CEF learning initiatives on topics connected to the ERP process, (ii) exchange ideas on how to increase cooperation between representatives of their institutions, (iii) increase capacity for knowledge sharing and (iv) build stronger connections between each other as important members of the Network of Regional Experts.

In a bid to fine-tune learning to regional needs, facilitate buy-in and ensure long term learning results, the CEF strives to identify experts from our constituency, train them and involve them extensively in the delivery of our learning activities. This practice is now (within the FISR project) extended on the topic of improved design, costing and budgeting of structural reforms as an element of the Economic Reform Programs.

This meeting will be led as a Training of Trainer workshop to increase the participants' skills for knowledge sharing. Throughout the training different modern facilitation approaches will be showcased that participants can also apply as they have a chance to support knowledge sharing in their countries.


The main aim of this meeting is to bring together NRE members, raise their capacity as officials and empower them as trainers.

The 3 main objectives

  • Work on capacity building, coordination and planning for Country-specific learning initiatives connected to the ERP process. Together with FISR Expert Advisory Group, we will strive to jointly review and improve proposed workshop agendas in light of specific needs, experiences and ideas (main topics: Costing of measures in ERP, Coordination in ERP preparation process, Intergation of ERP measures into state budgets).
  • Increase the capacity for knowledge sharing by providing training in writing skills, showcasing facilitation approaches and ways to prepare and deliver effective and engaging presentations.
  • Provide opurtunities to strengthen the network of regional experts. With specially designed networking activities we want to build better connections between colleagues form the whole region to promote knowledge sharing and cooperation.

On this learning initiative you will:

  • Learn from lessons learned in the ERP process 2020 – 2022 form other countries.
  • Gain more insight into the process of coordination for ERP preparation.
  • Gain insight into the process of integration of structural reforms into national budgets.
  • Update skills of effective writing of reform measures and other documents.
  • Learned new approaches to make dynamic and engaging presentations.
  • Gain a better understanding of adult learning and applying participatory learning methods.
  • Strengthen regional connections.


Target audience

Public officials that are members of the NRE, experts on structural reforms, ERP coordinators, FISR Project Steering Committee members.


  • Mojmir Mrak - Professor of International Finance, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Slovenia
  • Janez  Šušteršič - Consultant, CEF Associate Fellow and Former Minister of Finance of Slovenia
  • Saša Jazbec - State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
  • Irena Drmaž -  Director-General, Budget department at Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
  • Paul McClure - Editorial expert and teacher of writing with experience in news, books, and online publishing, World Bank
  • Independent country consultants in FISR project


This learning initiative was supported by:

Funded by the European Union