Nov 29, 2021

Just Published: 2022 Learning and Knowledge Sharing Program

We are happy to announce that our 2022 Learning and Knowledge Sharing Program, a catalog of learning and knowledge sharing opportunities, is now available. With its release, we are taking our first steps towards the 2022–2026 CEF Strategic Direction implementation. Over the next five years, we will scale up our support to public officials, both as individuals and teams, to shape institutional governance in their respective countries. This way we will together contribute to the development of successful economies and fair societies in the region of South East Europe.

In the Program, you will find 98 learning and knowledge sharing activities from the fields of public financial management, tax policy and administration, central banking, and cross-cutting areas of leadership for managing reforms and data and analysis for designing policies. We have looked for opportunities to address topics that have been recognized as strategic priorities in the region, including post-Covid financial recovery, green financing, and digitalization. You will also find activities that highlight the importance of intra- and inter-institutional cooperation and systematic knowledge management.

We will remain flexible and continue to deliver activities either face-to-face or online at our Online Learning Campus. You will get plenty of practice and feedback, and a chance to refine your thinking and performance in addressed subject matters as we strongly advocate learning by sharing good practices among peers. We invite you to take some time and review new exciting learning opportunities our team has prepared and find out how you can join us by following this link.