Mar 15, 2022

Just Published: New Knowledge Products Now Available

By supporting capacity development of public officials and their institutions in South East Europe, our work relates also to capturing and packaging knowledge and experience through different types of printed and digital knowledge products. We are happy to announce the release of four publications that will give you insights into critical economic and knowledge management issues that complement our overall learning and knowledge sharing program.

The aim of the Integration of Structural Reforms and Fiscal Frameworks in Economic Reform Programmes (ERPs) publication is to provide systematized, comparable and merit-based assessment of the level of integration of structural reforms and fiscal frameworks in ERPs. The publication describes the quality of the link between structural reforms outlined in Chapter 5 and fiscal frameworks in Chapter 4 of the ERP. The publication is based on seven case studies that describe the specifics of ERP preparation processes in: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. They are based on the analysis of the ERPs for the period of 2021–2023.

The policy document Monitoring the Implementation of Structural Reforms focuses on the process of monitoring the implementation of structural reforms. It also aims to help improve the capacities and capabilities of line ministries and ministries of finance in monitoring progress with the implementation of structural reforms.

With the How a Line Ministry Can Become a Learning Organization publication, we explain how the CEF’s methodology of becoming and being a learning organization has dramatically strengthened our own base. It has eventually led to organizational growth and an increase in the overall scope, quality and impact of our activities. We share recommendations on how to embark on a journey of becoming a learning organization and start practicing principles that foster learning and knowledge sharing culture.

Finally, How Online Collaboration Can Strengthen the ERP Process publication are the guidelines for facilitating online learning, knowledge sharing activities and meetings. They will help you examine different approaches to make online collaboration successful. The guidelines contain recommendations for planning your online events along with the tools that can help achieve your objectives and increase interaction.

These publications have been developed as part of the CEF’s EU-funded project Strengthening Line Ministries’ Capacities to Assess Fiscal Implications of Structural Reforms (FISR).


*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UNSC 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.