Dec 3, 2018

Our 2019 Learning Program Calendar Is Now Interactive

Our innovative efforts go beyond the delivery of our learning initiatives. We always strive to invent and provide new, better solutions. Thus, to make finding the right learning event easier for you, we made an interactive 2019 Learning Calendar. You can easily browse through all 64 learning initiatives covering 5 different thematic areas, and pick the one which meets your needs.

Following the release of the CEF 2019 Learning Program, we are happy to present to you the interactive calendar – an online, user-friendly version which provides you with an overview of all CEF learning events as well as information about the one of your interest.

Are you looking for a specific thematic area? Or you want to first read what each of them covers? Simply click on the icon with the theme's abbreviation.

  • ACC: Accounting
  • AUD: Auditing
  • CB: Central Banking
  • DAP: Data and Analysis for Designing Policies
  • LMR: Leadership for Managing Reforms
  • TPA: Tax Policy and Administration

Similarly, just click on the event of your interest to find information on the content, dates, format of learning (e.g. workshop, online course) and so on.

We kindly invite you to explore our interactive 2019 Learning Calendar and find a learning event that will make your daily work easier.