Aug 30, 2021

We Are Ready to Re-start Learning after Summer

Safety comes first but circumstances allowing we are looking forward to welcoming again public officials at our premises this autumn. Our team has over the summer explored hybrid classroom technology and infrastructure to cater to the present conditions. We have made every possible effort to ensure that we will continue facilitating learning and knowledge sharing without risking the health of public officials in our constituency. Besides offering learning opportunities on our Online Learning Campus we will also introduce hybrid learning consisting of a mix of online and face-to-face learning.

We are kicking off the learning with a series of in-country events aimed at developing capacities of line ministries to estimate implementation costs and financing resources of drafted structural reforms, while ensuring alignment with the latest European Commission’s Guidelines for the Economic Reform Programme preparation.


Representatives of banking regulation and supervision departments at central banks and financial supervisory authorities are welcome to join us at the online course which will introduce the methodology of Bank Business Model Analysis (BBMA), within the context of banking supervision and Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process. 


We invite internal auditors to participate at the online course which will guide them toward the steps they should take when reviewing governance. During the course we will also discuss how to support change and innovation in institutions.


We will also resume discussions on what institutions need to address for bridging the gap in achieving institutional knowledge-sharing with our coordinators in regional tax administrations.


For details on available learning opportunities and how to apply please visit CEF Learning Calendar here