Using Performance Indicators for Assessment of Structural Reforms

Nov 7 – 24, 2023 , Online Online Course
Nov 28 – 30, 2023 , Ljubljana, Slovenia Workshop

About this learning event

At this blended learning initiative, we will examine tools (Key Performance Indicators - KPI) for monitoring the progress of implementation of structural reform measures. We will combine outcome indicators with other data and information to analyse the results of realization of structural reforms and provide examples of how to assess the progress of structural reforms using KPIs and prepare clear and structured reports. 

During the initiative. we will also involve participants in a guided peer discussion where they will review the KPIs used in the Economic Reform Programmes (ERP) of different countries. The event contents will be based on the Manual for KPI Selection and Monitoring Process. Participants will reflect on the usefulness of the Manual, and the received feedback will be used to improve the Manual.

This learning event consists from two parts:
•    Online course (Nov 7-24), where participants will get initial insights into KPI manual. Online part will include up to three webinars and in total require approximately 8 hours of learning.
•    Face-to-face workshop (Nov 28 -30), where participants will be able to discuss in person their challenges and achievements in establishing performance indicators and potential improvements. 

Who should attend

Invited to join us at this workshop are:
•    ERP working group members from line ministries and ministries of finance, who prepare and monitor the implementation of structural reforms in the national ERP;
•    Officials interested in establishing performance-oriented budgeting.


•    Janez Šušteršič, CEF Associate Fellow, Professor of Economic Policy, Former Minister of Finance, Slovenia
•    Jelena Rančić, CEF Expert, former Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Finance, Serbia
•    Hana Zoričić, Deputy to the Chief State Treasurer, Ministry of Finance, Croatia
•    Barbara Bernard Vukadin, Slovenian Environmental Agency 

Practical information

•    Participants who need visa, are invited to submit their application as soon as possible, latest by October 10.
•    Flights, transfers and accommodation in Slovenia, and meals during the event will be fully funded for up to three selected officials per FISR2 beneficiary country.
•    Additional relevant participants will be accepted as self-funded.


This event is delivered as part of the EU-funded multi-beneficiary project “Structural Reforms Better Integrated Within Fiscal Frameworks” (FISR2) implemented by the CEF.

Funded by the European Union